Our Story

Austen, Camden, and I have been friends since we were in high school, and I am excited to be in business with them.

I have my business and marketing experience. Austen has extensive experience sourcing and importing quality products. Camden is one of the best service oriented salesmen I have ever encountered. We each bring unique, valuable experience to the Nbound team.

Together, we are just beginning to help businesses improve their margins on their purchasing. I look forward to the future of continuing to assist our customers and growing our business.

Brad Riemann, MBA
President and CEO of Nbound

Brad Riemann

Brad Riemann

President & CEO

Brad is the President, CEO, and a Co-Founder of Nbound.

Brad has run the marketing for an industrial equipment manufacturer and has operated a marketing and design firm.

Brad has a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and a Master of Business Administration from Loyola University of Chicago.

Camden Roach

Camden Roach

Vice President of Business Development

Camden is the Vice President of Business Development and a Co-Founder of Nbound.

Camden has held sales and executive roles selling beverages, electronics, toys, and other products. He is responsible for all of
Nbound’s business development needs.

Austen Roach

Austen Roach

Vice President of Sourcing

Austen is the Vice President of Sourcing and a Co-Founder of Nbound.

Austen has been sourcing products all over the world for many years. He has built excellent relationships with manufacturers in China, Mexico, and other parts of the world. He is responsible for Nbound’s procurement needs.

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