Walmart and Small Towns

I received my undergraduate degree at Kansas State and minored in Community Planning. One of my favorite classes, as part of my minor, was a class where we focused on small towns. This course was my first introduction to the complicated relationship between small rural towns and Walmart. Walmarts become a commercial, and sometimes even cultural center, to small rural communities. However, Walmarts’ arrival becomes the end of small towns’ main streets. Mom and pop drug stores and hardware stores cannot compete with Walmart’s “Always Low Prices” due to the company’s direct from manufacturers supply chain and low margins. Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have the abilities to purchase directly from overseas manufacturers and are forced to buy their goods from wholesalers and distributors.

The expansion of big-box chains combined with other socio-economic factors has lead to the decline of the economy of many small towns throughout the United States. Many small communities are fortunate to have a locally owned restaurant or convenience store still.

How Nbound Helps

My co-founders and I grew up in a small town in Kansas and have run and worked for numerous small and medium-sized businesses throughout our careers. We are well aware of the difficulties of competing with large corporations on both price and product selection. However, through our careers, we have also developed the necessary experience and connections to source products directly from manufacturers both domestically and throughout the globe.

Through Nbound, we offer small and medium-sized businesses the ability to buy products directly from manufacturers. By doing this, we shorten the supply chain which allows retailers to purchase their goods at lower prices. Furthermore, purchasing directly from the manufacturers enables retailers to customize products, too.

Please contact us to see if we can help your business.

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