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We are Nbound. We are specialists at sourcing quality goods and products for companies at lower costs to improve companies’ margins.

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We utilize our relationships with manufacturers throughout the globe to deliver our customers high-quality products and materials at the lowest cost.

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Construction Goods and materials


Nbound works with construction companies to ensure they get high quality materials and equipment at the lowest prices.

manufacturing imports


Nbound works with manufacturers to aquire low cost but high-quality materials and equipment to improve margins.

import furniture


Nbound works with retailers to source and acquire quality fixtures and furnishings for their stores.


Whatever the product or material you purchase, Nbound can likely find a reliable source that decreases your costs of goods sold.

How Nbound’s Product Import Solutions can add Value to Your Business

Most companies are aware that many of their products and materials imported from China, Vietnam, or other parts of the world. However, there are many difficulties purchasing goods directly from manufacturers. As a result, because of time or risk aversion, you go ahead and buy your goods and products from a wholesaler or some other intermediary.

We offer a solution to this problem. We are people located in the United States, in Kansas to be specific, who have valuable relationships with global manufacturers and significant experience importing goods to the United States. 

We allow you to import your products and materials directly from overseas manufacturers while still having an American just a phone call or email away. 

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